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  Kinēsis introduces impressive advisory board lineup;
members represent top brand named firms

Board includes customer experience experts from
Nordstrom, Onvia, E.piphany, Wells Fargo and

Seattle, WA.  January 4, 2002 — Kinēsis has named eight customer experience experts from the retail, financial, health care, e-commerce and high tech industries to its Advisory Board, the company announced recently.

Kinēsis is a Seattle-based company that provides a holistic approach to customer experience management™ (CEM), helping leading corporations create and sustain a competitive advantage by developing profitable service strategies.

Advisory board members include:

Marie Bennewitz
Director, Research, Western Wireless

Dave Martine
Director, Drop-Ship Operations, Nordstrom

Herman Milligan
Ph.D., Vice President, Corp. Marketing, Wells Fargo

Jon Mittmann
former Director, Member Services,

Tonya Perpich
formerly Director of Training, REI

Troy Schmeil
District Sales Manager, E.piphany

Brad Stenhjem
Director, Sales, Onvia

Ali Tarhouni
Senior Lecturer, Finance and Business Economics
University of Washington School of Business Administration

Dave Martine, new Kinēsis advisory board member and director of drop-ship operations for says Kinēsis is on to something with their approach to customer experience management (CEM).

"When a business looks at its customers, it needs to recognize how those customers view the company across all channels," said Martine. "CEM prompts businesses to ask the fundamental question, 'What do our customers value in us?' It's the next big trend in business."

The Kinēsis advisory board functions as a strategic "think tank" for the Kinēsis executive team, and for one another, according to Eric Larse, Kinēsis managing member. "Their industry insight helps us to continually understand business challenges and work as a team to create innovative solutions -- best practices that we share with the market," Larse said.

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