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Customer Experience Management

Kinesis Works with Industry Leaders in Redefining the Customer Experience

Seattle, WA.  April, 2001 — Kinesis announced today the addition of Western Wireless', Marie Bennewitz to their Advisory Board. "Kinesis goes the extra mile, beyond simply reporting data and making recommendations. They work in partnership with their clients and follow through on execution," Bennewtiz said. "The CEM team at Kinesis brings great breadth and depth of experience in customer service and satisfaction to the table. They understand the necessity of profitability in the customer experience equation, which is important from the client perspective."

The board is comprised of industry leaders from various vertical markets and meet quarterly. "These individuals are chosen for their varied background and expertise in managing the customer experience and function as a strategic 'think tank' for the Kinesis executive team, and for one another," stated Eric Larse, Managing Member for Kinesis. "Their industry insight helps us to continually understand business challenges and work as a team to create innovative solutions. Continued success of our CEM program is due, in part, to our current members."

About Kinesis
Kinesis helps companies plan and execute their customer experience strategies. Offering a comprehensive suite of business tools and professional services, the company helps clients measure and manage the behaviors and attributes that constitute a successful customer experience, and are customized to meet specific needs. By orchestrating a positive and consistent customer experience, Kinesis feels companies are able to more quickly move their clients up the loyalty curve, realizing greater revenue from each customer relationship in a shorter amount of time. Kinesis is located in Seattle, Washington and can be reached by phone, (206) 285-2900, or by visiting

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