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Partnership provides real time link between customer experience, employee performance and company profits

Seattle, WA. & Mount Prospect, IL. - June 26, 2001 — CultureWorx and Kinesis-CEM today announced a partnership agreement that will deliver an automated solution that improves customer profitability through a closed-loop of research, observational measurement, and rewards and recognition. The partnership uniquely facilitates a more accurate link between employee performance and improvement, customer satisfaction and company success.

"We are very excited about this relationship", states Kathy Harper, Managing Member of Kinesis. "Our metrics identify the employee behaviors that relate to customer profitability and longevity. By measuring and rewarding those behaviors in real-time with the CultureWorx performance software, we can motivate changes in behavior that will increase companies' customer retention and revenue."

Kinesis' methodology centers around Customer Experience Management (CEM) and the idea that every time a company and a customer interact, the customer learns something about the company. Depending upon what is learned from each experience, customers may alter their behavior in ways that affect their individual profitability. Thus, by managing these experiences, companies can orchestrate more profitable relationships with their customers. CEM gathers and analyzes information about the dynamics of interactions between companies and customers. This information is fed back to the company in a self-calibrating system that makes optimal use of every opportunity to influence customer behavior.

CultureWorx performance software empowers companies to measure, track, report and reinforce employee behaviors that align with corporate strategy. It's the ability to provide positive and immediate reinforcement that energizes employees to repeat the behaviors that help achieve corporate success. Linking employee behavior and performance directly to the customer's experience and then providing immediate feedback to the employee through technology provides the fastest and most effective way to increase profits and shareholder value. It's the combination of the customer's experience, the employee's performance and the company's strategies that drive loyalty and sustain results.

"Kinesis rounds out the CultureWorx software solution. With their expertise and concentration on the customer experience and our concentration on employee performance and behavior, companies have a much more holistic methodology for improving performance and customer loyalty," explained Robert Friesen, vice president of business development and strategy, CultureWorx.

About CultureWorx
CultureWorx is the first human performance management software that empowers companies to align employee activities with the company's vision and strategy. The web-based system allows companies to identify, measure, recognize and reinforce employee activities so the workforce consistently and predictably performs the activities and behaviors that help achieve senior managements' objectives. The Mt. Prospect Company is confident in the software's ability to change behaviors because the software's design is based on Behavior Science Principles, which have been implemented successfully in Fortune 500 companies for years. Additional information is available on their web site at or by calling Eric Webb at (847) 437-4433 ext. 123.

About Kinesis
Kinesis helps companies plan and execute their customer experience strategies. Offering a comprehensive suite of business tools and professional services, the company helps clients measure and manage the behaviors and attributes that constitute a successful customer experience, and are customized to meet specific needs. The solution enables companies to more quickly move their clients up the loyalty curve, realizing greater revenue from each customer relationship in a shorter amount of time. Kinesis is located in Seattle, Washington and can be reached by phone, (206) 285-2900, or by visiting

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