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  Windermere Executive Joins Kinēsis Advisory Board

Seattle, WA.  May, 2002 — Kinēsis, a Seattle-based firm that provides companies with customized Customer Experience Management™ (CEM) strategies, has added Jeanne Grainger, president of Windermere Services Southwest Inc., to its Advisory Board.

In her 12-year real estate career with Windermere, Grainger has successfully developed the company's brand and implemented it in several new market areas. As president of Windermere Services Southwest, Grainger is responsible for identifying and recruiting owners, and providing agents and managers with advanced real estate technology systems and Windermere's education and marketing programs.

"The strength of our advisory board lies in the representation of experience from across several service-focused industries," said Kathy Harper, Kinēsis managing member. "Jeanne brings a strong real estate background, and her understanding of the correlation between employee and customer satisfaction is directly in line with ours - they're equally valuable, you can't have one without the other."

Since joining Windermere in 1988, Grainger has served as director of communications, executive vice president, co-president and as an executive management team member.

"Satisfied customers are a result of interactions with confident, knowledgeable and empowered employees. Nowhere is this more evident than in the real estate industry," said Grainger. "Kinēsis' approach focuses on the real estate agent as much as the customer, providing them with the tools, training and ongoing feedback needed to succeed."

Grainger has also represented Windermere in two national real estate networking groups, The Realty Alliance and The Vision Group. She was also a member of the inaugural advisory board for Microsoft's HomeAdvisor Web site.

Kinēsis advisory board is composed of business leaders who are chosen for their varied background and expertise in managing the customer experience. Functioning as a strategic "think tank" for Kinēsis' executives and each other, the board's industry insight enables the company to continually understand business challenges and work to create innovative service solutions. Board members include representatives from Nordstrom, Tully's Coffee, E.piphany, Expedia and Wells Fargo.

About Kinēsis
Kinēsis redefines the customer experience by examining both the quality of the company's execution and the resulting financial effects. By using customer feedback, competitor data, observational research and customized training, Kinēsis help companies align customer needs with their ability to fulfill them.

Kinēsis' customer experience management (CEM) approach is successful because it is firmly rooted in ROI. Kinēsis consultants work closely with senior management to develop customer experience programs that will produce measurable returns. In the process, disparate departmental initiatives — sales, human resources, marketing and operations — are aligned to produce the greatest effect.

The Seattle-based firm's consultants have worked with industry leaders such as Bank of America, Cinnabon, Starbucks, E*Trade, Ralph Lauren Polo, Expedia, Microsoft, Starwood, VoiceStream and Wells Fargo.

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