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Infotel, Inc. and Kinesis Announce Partnership

Seattle, WA. & San Jose, CA.  -  July 8, 2001 — Infotel, Inc. and Kinesis today announced a partnership agreement that will deliver a comprehensive customer experience management solution. Together, the companies will ensure that client partners can successfully manage the customer experience with robust performance assessment programs.

"We are very excited about this relationship", states Peter Darley, Director of IT for Kinesis. "Observational research is a critical element of our CEM solution and is a very powerful method to test service at each and every touch point. By utilizing Infotel's technology and their pool of 75,000 highly trained researchers, we are able to provide our clients with reliable information about their service execution, including details about specific service and sales skills and behaviors."

"It has always been our belief that the interaction any company has with its customers  -  at any point in the relationship  -  is the single most important determinant of success," states Gary Daum, President of Infotel. "The approach with our clients has been: in what way can we measure customer service execution in light of how it affects the client's bottom line? In partnering with Kinesis, we seek to drive this approach even closer to home: in other words, how can we use the measurements to effect bottom-line oriented change?"

About Infotel
Infotel offers an innovative, technology-driven performance assessment program, which is custom designed to exceed clients' expectations in quality and performance. For over a decade, Infotel has assisted companies of all sizes to improve in key areas acutely attributable to standards of customer service and overall business control such as: identifying field service problems, measuring employee service and sales skills, and monitoring sales and customer service training programs. Infotel is located in San Jose, CA.

About Kinesis
Kinesis helps companies plan and execute their customer experience strategies. Offering a comprehensive suite of business tools and professional services, the company helps clients measure and manage the behaviors and attributes that constitute a successful customer experience, and are customized to meet specific needs. By orchestrating a positive and consistent customer experience, Kinesis feels companies are able to more quickly move their clients up the loyalty curve, realizing greater revenue from each customer relationship in a shorter amount of time. Kinesis is located in Seattle, Washington.

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