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  Kinesis Continues to Strengthen Advisory Board,
Appoints Former Exec

Seattle, WA.  December, 2001 — Kinesis, a Seattle-based company that provides customer experience management (CEM) strategies, has added Jon Mittmann, formerly director of member services for, to its Advisory Board.

Mittmann, who is currently CRM Practice Manager for Ramp Technology Group, is the most recent addition to the Kinesis advisory board. The board, which includes representatives from Nordstrom, Wells Fargo, Expedia, Onvia and Children's Hospital, guides Kinesis in their efforts to help leading corporations create and sustain a competitive advantage by developing profitable service strategies.

"An experienced and talented advisory board is critical to Kinesis' continued growth and success," said Eric Larse, Kinesis managing member. "Jon's strong customer service and marketing background with high-growth, high profile companies fits the bill. His success in both areas make him an invaluable asset to the Kinesis team."

Mittmann brings nearly 10 years of customer service and marketing experience to Kinesis. Mittmann was the 28th employee of where he was charged with implementing integrated, managed and measured customer loyalty programs. His responsibilities included national customer service and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) operations from the company's launch in 1998 to building a legendary consumer brand resulting in a $1.2 billion buyout in December 2000.

Mittmann is now CRM Practice Manager for Ramp Technology Group, which provides consulting services as well as new venture assistance. His responsibilities included business development for the CRM practice, service delivery, client relationship management, project management and the planning, designing and implementation of CRM strategic solutions.

Mittmann earned a B.S. in marketing from Colorado State University in 1990.

About Kinesis
Kinesis redefines the customer experience by examining both the quality of the company's execution and the resulting financial effects. By using customer feedback, competitor data, observational research and customized training, Kinesis help companies align customer needs with their ability to fulfill them.

Kinesis' customer experience management (CEM) approach is successful because it is firmly rooted in ROI. Kinesis consultants work closely with senior management to develop customer experience programs that will produce measurable returns. In the process, disparate departmental initiatives — sales, human resources, marketing and operations — are aligned to produce the greatest effect.

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