Bank New/Open Account Surveys

Identifying sources of run-off or churn is critical to improving customer acquisition and retention. New account surveys help managers of the customer experience identify drivers of customer selection of the bank for a new account or loan – yielding valuable insight into new customer acquisition.

Open Account Surveys: Identify drivers of account acquisition.


The most common data collection methods for these surveys are email, telephone, web intercept and POS invites.

Specific objectives vary from client to client, but potential objectives typically include:

  • Determine the key drivers of customer acquisition
  • Identify the key drivers of customer frequency of use/purchase
  • Evaluate the company image and perception, and its influence on customer acquisition
  • Determine who in the household makes purchasing decisions and how those decision are made
  • Identify market segments or clusters
  • Evaluate customer loyalty and the drivers of loyalty

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Other Research Purposes


Bank Post-Transaction Surveys Post-transaction surveys are event-driven, where a transaction determines if the customer is selected for a survey. As the name implies, the purpose of this type of survey is to measure satisfaction with a specific transaction.


Bank New or Open Account Surveys Closed account surveys identify sources of run-off or churn to provide insight into improving customer retention.


Bank Satisfaction Surveys General bank satisfaction surveys measure customer satisfaction among the general population of customers, regardless of whether or not they recently conducted a transaction. In effect, every customer of the bank has an equal probability of being surveyed.


Bank Image & Positioning Surveys These surveys are used to determine the bank’s satisfaction, general image and positioning among its customer base and the broader community within its service area.


Bank Loyalty & Walletshare Surveys These surveys provide valuable information to managers about the bank’s satisfaction, loyalty and walletshare among its customer base.




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