Mobile Bank Mystery Shopping


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As with online channels, increasingly, customer relationships with their bank are being deepened through mobile channels. Bank mystery shopping allows managers of mobile to test ease of use, navigation and the overall customer experience of the mobile banking experience.

Typical objectives of mobile bank mystery shops may include:

  • Evaluate the overall mobile customer experience across multiple platforms
  • Measure the aesthetic appeal of the mobile display
  • Evaluate ease of navigation and ease of finding information using the mobile device
  • Determine if text is easy to understand
  • Evaluate the usefulness of the mobile application and information it contains
  • Evaluate if graphics, icons and symbols are logically displayed
  • Measure the speed of the transaction relative to customer expectations
  • Identify what service attributes impressed shoppers positively and negatively during the mobile experience


“Kinēsis delivers a refreshingly simple and user-friendly web publishing system, backed by a professional and responsive team. The feedback serves as a great training tool and the information has had a great impact on our overall customer service achievements.”

- Kim Piotrowski, Columbia Bank