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Customer Experience Management


Kinesis offers a wide range of customer-focused research methodologies to support service strategies and consistent service execution.
  • Telephone interviews
  • Email invitations linked to a web-based survey
  • Web site "pop-up" surveys
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) surveys
  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Mystery shopping
  • Multi-channel assessments
  • Focus groups & depth interviews

We help companies identify the strengths and weaknesses of their service from the customer's perspective, set specific goals for improvement and measure their success.


Satisfaction and Loyalty — Measure customer satisfaction and loyalty, determine key drivers, and examine the relationship among various service elements and overall satisfaction and loyalty.

Image/Awareness — Determine the relative image, positioning and awareness of your company and its products/services.

Wallet Share & Profitability Segmentation — Measure wallet share, compare wallet share with customer profitability data, and determine which satisfaction drivers most directly influence customer profitability.

Customer Retention — Smart companies listen to ex-customers to identify sources of run-off or churn, and thus improve customer retention.

Customer Comment — A system for processing, analyzing and effectively responding to customer feedback, including comments cards, call and emails.

Customer Acquisition — Determine the reasons behind new customers' selection - provides valuable insight into new customer identification and acquisition.

EmployeeInsight ™ — Customer relationships are forged by your employees and will only be as strong as the level of employee satisfaction. Identifying and addressing employee issues proactively creates stronger customer relationships.

LifeCycle — Highly trained researchers interact with the company over a period of time, providing valuable feedback about service performance throughout the customer lifecycle.

ActiveInsight™ — Service execution and consistency are tested throughout all touch points using a unique observational research approach - providing a powerful coaching tool to modify revenue generating behaviors.

SmartMarket™ — Compare the organization's service and sales skills to key competitors. Head-to-head comparisons reveal competitive differentiators and areas of opportunity.

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