Credit Union Member Survey

Data Collection Methods

Identifying which sales and service behaviors drive purchase intent

A variety of data collection methods are available, the selection of which depends on the specifics of the program. Among the most common data collection methods for credit unions are:


Telephone Interviews

Phone Interviews:

Experienced interviewers call the members to conduct the survey. We can use your list of member names, phone numbers, and other appropriate information or use non-member phone numbers purchased from a professional information provider.


Email Surveys


We conduct this type of survey by sending respondents e-mail invitations that include embedded links that direct them to an Internet survey. We can use your list of member names, e-mail addresses and other appropriate information or use non-member contact information purchased from a professional information provider.


Web intercept popup surveys

Web Intercepts:

Designed for online retail services, this survey randomly selects respondents who enter your Web site and presents them with online surveys. (We work with you to determine the most appropriate means of selecting respondents.) Your organization programs your Web site to launch a popup window, which directs respondents to the Kinēsis survey URL.


In-person, In-Depth Interviews

Depth Interviews:

In this survey method, professional interviewers conduct detailed, face-to-face surveys. This survey is especially helpful whenever telephone number, e-mail, or address information for targeted respondents is unavailable or if the survey requires product demonstrations.


POS Web Invites

POS Web Invites:

Customers are invited to participate in the survey by URLs or QR codes printed on the transaction receipt.


Interactive voice response (IVR) surveys


Interactive voice response (IVR) surveys invite members randomly chosen at the point of sale to call a toll-free telephone number and respond to an automated survey. Members indicate their responses by following preprogrammed prompts on the telephone.



“Kinēsis delivers a refreshingly simple and user-friendly web publishing system, backed by a professional and responsive team. The feedback serves as a great training tool and the information has had a great impact on our overall customer service achievements.”