LifeCycle Mystery Shopping


Real time, granular intelligence on specific customer interactions.


Members rarely engage their credit union with just one channel. LifeCycle mystery shops are designed to evaluate the member experience across a variety of delivery channels, with a spectrum of transactions, over an extended period of time. Typically, these shops start with a platform shop to open a bank account. The on-boarding process is evaluated, a number of transactions are completed across multiple channels, and the engagement eventually concludes with an evaluation of the account closing process.

Typical objectives of LifeCycle mystery shops may include:

  • Evaluate the member experience of the account opening process
  • Understand how the member experience influences purchase intent
  • Evaluate the member experience with respect to the account onboarding process
  • Observe presence and timing of onboarding communication
  • Observe presence, timing and effectiveness of marketing communication
  • Evaluate the member experience across multiple transaction types, including: website, contact center, and new accounts
  • Determine root causes of positive and negative experiences
  • Benchmark service behaviors to credit union and member expectations

Research Tools to Monitor Planned Interactions Through the Customer LifeCycle from Kinesis CEM, LLC


“The fact of the matter is not all points along the customer journey are equal. In every customer journey there are specific of “moments of truth” where customers form or change their opinion of the provider, either positively or negatively, based on their experience.”