Purchase Intent Reports


Shoppers will be asked if they had been an actual customer, how the experience in the branch influenced their purchase intent. Using this question, Kinēsis will cross-tabulate positive and negative purchase intent to determine how the responses of mystery shoppers who reported a positive influence on purchase intent differed from those who reported a negative influence on purchase intent.

In addition, paired with this rating is a follow-up question asking, why the shopper rated their purchase intent as they did. The responses to this question are grouped and classified into similar themes, and cross-tabulated by the purchase intent rating described above. The result of this analysis will be a determination of what sales practices drive purchase intent, both at the client and its competitors.





“Kinēsis delivers a refreshingly simple and user-friendly web publishing system, backed by a professional and responsive team. The feedback serves as a great training tool and the information has had a great impact on our overall customer service achievements.”

- Kim Piotrowski, Columbia Bank