Retail Contact Center Mystery Shopping

Retail contact center mystery shops provide a unique opportunity to evaluate the customer experience using predetermined scenarios, testing service behaviors with controlled service encounters.

Diagnose and correct root causes of positive and negative experiences.

As delivery channels continue to evolve, the role of the contact center will continue to play a pivotal role as a service and sales channel. However, as a human channel, it is based on human behaviors, behaviors which require not only measurement but motivation.

Retail Contact Center Mystery Shopping Objectives

Kinēsis' retail contact center mystery shopping program helps clients achieve a number of objectives, among them:

  • Measure, motive and align sales and service performance to company service standards.
  • Ensure alignment of brand standards with customer expectations.
  • Confirm sales and service standards are aligned with brand promise.
  • Identify the sales and service behaviors that drive purchase intent.
  • Use each behavior’s relationship to purchase intent as a basis for prioritizing investments in training, incentives and hiring.
  • Identify top performing agents to serve as role models.
  • Determine causes of positive and negative customer experiences, and test which resolutions are most effective.
  • Compare performance relative to Kinēsis’ database of industry norms.
  • Determine which employee training, compensation, or other investment will have the greatest impact on employee contribution to revenue.
  • Identify how best to coach employees.


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The human element of the contact center continues to be the biggest challenge.

- Jerry Silva IDC Financial Insights