Online/Website Retail Mystery Shopping

Retail contact center mystery shops provide a unique opportunity to evaluate the customer experience using predetermined scenarios, testing service behaviors with controlled service encounters.

Diagnose and correct root causes of positive and negative experiences.

Increasingly, customer relationships are being deepened through online channels. Online mystery shopping allows managers to test navigation, ease of use, as well as the overall user experience.

Typical objectives of online retail mystery shops may include:

  • Measure, motive and align sales and service performance to company service standards.
  • Evaluate the overall user experience.
  • Test ease of finding information on the website.
  • Evaluate the ease of navigation across the website and logical organization of the site.
  • Determine ease of understanding information on the website.
  • Evaluate if language, icons, graphics and other symbols are easy to understand.
  • Test the site layout to determine if it is logical and easy to scan.
  • Test interactive elements to evaluate if they work as expected and are easily recognizable.
  • Test keyword-based searches.
  • Identify what service attributes impressed shoppers positively and negatively during the online experience.

When a business looks at its customers, it needs to recognize how those customers view the company across all channels. Kinesis’ approach prompts businesses to ask the fundamental question, ‘What do our customers value in us?’ It’s the next big trend in business.

- Dave Martine, Nordstrom